Dad Made 11-Year-Old Son Sleep with His Stepmom to Keep Him From Being Gay

Warped Dowling, a 62 year old English man, admitted that he forced his son to have sex with the boy’s own stepmother, Annette Breakspear, saying it was to prevent the boy from becoming gay. He was 38 when he began abusing his son who was 11 years old at that time. The son, Daniel, who is now 36, recalled the day the abuse began. It was Sunday afternoon when his dad and stepmom were playing board game Frustration with him. His dad suggested for them to take their clothes off whenever someone lost. His stepmom was completely naked by the end of the game and the abuse began. Daniel secretly recorded his father admitting the childhood abuse and Breakspear received 8 years in prison while Dowling was sentenced to 5 years.