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Know the Importance of Your Appearance to Your Self-Image, Career, Social and Personal Life

As early as childhood, we were taught to take good care of ourselves by having a good grooming and how to be presentable in front of other people. In the adolescent stage, teenagers become more conscious of how they look because they start to have crushes and some already engage in romantic relationships. Once the thrill of adolescent stage is over, the young adult starts to find the perfect career that is suited for him, and does all means to impress the employer to land his dream job. The young adult wants to belong and be part of the successful people, so he invest in good quality and designer clothing or have her hair and makeup did professionally just to impress other people.In middle adulthood, there is less emphasis on the looks or overall appearance, and more on acquiring wealth and achieving financial freedom.

We cannot discount the fact that a person’s appearance is a major factor in the way people perceive us and how we perceive ourselves. As they say, first impressions last and employers may be impressed just the way you carry yourself and how you look. A person’s appearance greatly affects how he thinks and feels about himself, affecting his self-confidence, morale, and self-esteem, and if it is a positive perception then it is easier to deal, socialize or interact with other people in different age levels, social class and various types of character and personalities. Your thoughts and emotions are reflected on how you look and your general appearance, and same is true if you’re sick or well. A person’s reputation is based on your actions as well as your overall appearance. The appearance also plays a crucial role in the field of politics, wherein constituents follow your fashion style like the types of clothes you wear or how you carry yourself.

While others want to enhance their looks through modern technologies, you should be comfortable wearing your own skin regardless of your race, religion, gender or nationality. There are many types of medical surgeries that can improve your look such as Lasik surgery, breast enhancement, nose lift or eye enhancement surgery. The society sets a standard of an acceptable look, but what is more important is if you feel good about yourself, if you are confident about your appearance and how you carry yourself. In life, we also need to compete with others to land the best position, to achieve your dreams and to have a good reputation, and one way to do that is by having a good appearance. For you to attain more things in life, it is important to invest effort, time and money in order to take good care of your appearance.