Getting Help for My Injured Son


My son loves to play football, but he only does so as a hobby. He knew that he was good at it, but he also knew that he was never going to play for the National Football League one day as well. That did not stop him from giving his all though, which is how we found ourselves looking for a sports chiropractor in Sacramento. He did not get hurt during a game, which is the first question a lot of people were asking. He was at a training session, and he got tackled by a couple of bigger players.

He told me later that it did hurt, but that he did not think he needed medical attention. He just sat out the rest of the practice, but he knew later that something was really wrong. We looked online that night for a chiropractor who is used to handling sports injuries. We knew that we could probably go to any chiropractor for most issues, but we wanted to go to one that has a lot of experience with sports injuries, as we knew that they would be the ones who would more than likely be able to help him the most.

We really liked everything we read about Barham Chiropractor. What really impressed us the most was that all three chiropractors there have all been sportsmen themselves, so they understood sports injuries from both sides. This is really important when it comes to a sports injury, and it proved to be extremely helpful for us. The chiropractor that we saw was able to get my son feeling great again within just a few weeks. He was back on the field in time to take part in the playoffs, which was really important to him. They did win the championship game, and my son played an integral role in that. We know that was only possible because of the chiropractic treatment he underwent.